Wildfire Detection System

Early Automatic Wildfire Detection System - Insight FD3

by Insight Robotics
World Leader EO/IR

Since 2020, NEANDROS ltd. is the official reseller and system integrator of InsightFD3 and Insight Globe. Early Wildfire Detection System IsightFD3, by Insight Robotics, is a ground based detection system, which works through advanced image analysis in combination with thermal technology, enabling early and accurate detection of forest fires in low visibility within the line of sight. Computer-aided detection minimizes the risk of human error so that management entities can focus on responding quickly to threats with effective fire-fighting strategies.
‚ÄčThe world's premier early forest fire detection system, the InsightFD3 & Insight Globe, provides 24/7 protection and AI-assisted thermal and smoke detection technology.
The Insight Robotics Wildfire Detection System is comprised of a network of InsightFD robots connected to the Insight Globe management platform suited to a central control room. Each robot provides industry accuracy, real-time surveillance and early detection of emerging forest fires, shifting focus to efficient early suppression rather than costly firefighting.
Combining advanced electro-optical (EO), infrared (IR) and machine "Machine Learning" with improved smoke detection algorithms, InsightFD is the leading solution for the early detection of forest fires in the world. InsightFD is used by the Wildfire service, national park and forests in Asia, America and Europe!

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