Office Furniture

Office Environment

Since 2010 Neandros Ltd. activities expanded to the area of organization of offices, in cooperation with PALIVOS OFFICE CENTER GROUP (P.O.C), mainly with the supply of quality office furniture & seating material, as well as, turn key development and implementation of our engineering expertise into workspaces.

  • Office furniture

  • Seating

  • Partitions

  • Safes/Vaults

  • Home office

  • Turn key projects

P.O.C. turnkey dept. designs, develops and administers workspaces, which require technical expertise beyond the simple provision of office furniture. The creation of special tailor made structures, partitions, false ceilings, lighting, electrical & mechanical installations constitute the integrated product solutions our group provides.
P.O.C. Group both imports and assembles office furniture, while providing full technical support for the equipment of such professional units as public & private companies, banks, conference centers, educational institutions, hotels, hospitals, fields and stadiums.
Palivos Office Center Group (P.O.C.) was established in 1960 and since its inception has achieved a leading role in the organization and furnishing of offices and workspaces.
P.O.C. Group is continuously updated on the everevolving demands of professional workspaces, and ensure an unsurpassed result with respect to aesthetics, quality, durability, sustainability and eco-friendly design.